The 5 Best Tiger Woods Shots in History

The 5 Best Tiger Woods Shots in History


The 5 Best Tiger Woods Shots in History 

The G.O.A.T., the legend, the best ever… THE Tiger Woods sure has a few historic golf shots under his belt. 


Read on for Tiger’s top five career shots on the PGA Tour!


  • 2005 Masters – 16th Hole Chip In 

Let’s start out with a bang – this is hands down the most iconic golf shot in history. This shot was the epitome of when a destined athlete’s hard work meets the will of the infamous “Golf Gods.” This was one of the most televised shots in the history of golf and immediately became the star in Nike’s most famous T.V. commercial!


Take a walk down memory lane and check out Tiger’s most famous chip in below:


  • 2012 Memorial Tournament – 16th Hole Flop Shot at Muirfield Village Golf Club

This is the shot that triggered goosebumps around the world – Tiger was really back! 


Tiger’s ball was buried in deep rough with a downhill approach to the hole – a water hazard looming just feet behind the pin. If you could draw up a shot that required ice in your veins to execute… this was it. Tiger flopped the ball straight into the air and landed it delicately on a spot the size of a nickel …. Trickle, trickle, and in it went!


Check out this must-see shot below:


  • 2000 NEC Invitational – 2nd Shot, 167 yards on 18 

This shot was easily one of Tiger’s most cinematic shots of all time. Tiger threw a dart from 167 yards to 18 inches on his final hole to win by eleven strokes. 


With Tiger in his Sunday red, the fog creeping in and nightfall just around the corner – this shot was something straight out of a Hollywood-scripted movie…not to mention the crowd’s cigarette lighters lighting up the 18th green. Talk about a moment!


Take a look at history being made below:


  • 1997 Phoenix Open – 16th Hole Hole-In-One 

A smooth 152 yard 9-iron led to a two hop, hole-in-one on the loudest hole in golf. We’re sure the crowd’s roar in real life was absolutely deafening and their celebration was nothing short of the classic Phoenix Open celebration with beer cans chucked and scattered all along Tiger’s walk up the hole. 


Words just do not do this once in a life time shot justice – check it out below:


  • Quicken Loans National – 12th Hole at Robert Trent Jones GC – Lake Manassas VA

With commentators throwing jokes about spectators needing to “watch out” for an expected golf ball gone rogue – this is one of those shots where we all remember that Tiger can seemingly defy the very laws of nature. 


On a steep left to right bank, Tiger beautifully uses his 5 wood to pop out his golf ball from the deep rough and roll up the green to give himself a great chance to save par. 


Take a look at Tiger’s incredibly athletic shot below:


All we know is, we’re definitely putting money on Tiger doing something historic on hole 16 from now on…  



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