How to Calculate Golf Handicap

How to Calculate Golf Handicap

How to Calculate Golf Handicap

Calculating golf handicap will be no more a mystery after reading this article you will get a simplified method of calculation so next time whenever someone asks you "What is your Handicap in Golf?", instead of being nervous and giving irrelevant answers will confidentially answer your handicaps. There are also some online golf handicap calculators for example you can look up USGA by which you can easily calculate golf handicap. What is a handicap in golf? And what is a good golf handicap? will be no more bothering for you.


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Calculation of your Handicap Index

Step 1 (Finding Adjusted Gross Score)

  • First of all, find your golf scores from a minimum of five to a maximum of twenty but not more than twenty.
  • Collect at least five eighteen-hole scores or nine ten-hole scores.
  • If you have made eight strokes on a hole that’s limit per hole is five so you will calculate five strokes only while adding your total scores of the game.

Step 2 (Calculating Handicap Differential)

  • The course rating is essential for finding handicap differential as it is the number of each set of tees determined by UGSA handicap on a course. This tells how many strokes should a scratch golfer take to complete a course.
  • Slope rating is also necessary for finding handicap differential and it is the comparison of course rating to the scores of bogey golfers. It shows the difficulties in a course by an average golfer.
  • Summing up the formula for handicap differential will become:

            (AGS – Course Rating × 113) / Slope rating

Step 3 (Calculating Handicap Index)

  • To calculate the handicap index the number of differentials to be used is the lowest one if you are taking 5-6 rounds data, two lowest differentials when you are taking 7-8 round data, three lowest differentials if you taking 9-10 rounds, and 10 lowest differentials if you are taking 20 rounds.
  • The figure multiplied by the formula is 0.96 and it is called “Bonus for excellence”.
  • Summing up the formula for handicap index will become:

            (Sum of differentials/Number of differentials) × 0.96

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Calculation of your Course Handicap

Step 1 (Strokes Calculation)

  • If you have already calculated the handicap index then this is good but if you have not then calculated it to find the course handicap as the course handicap takes the account of the difficulty in the course and your ability to show the handicap for that specific course or you can say how many strokes based on your handicap index you can deduct from your final score for this particular course.

Step 2 (Finding the Slope Rating of the Course)

  • This is the information available on the website of the course you are playing or you can ask for this information from the supervisor of your club or course.
  • Check out USGA's Handicap Index Statistics.

Average Handicap Index for men: 14.2

Average Handicap Index for women: 27.5


Step 3 (Calculating Course Handicap)

  • Once you have to find handicap index and slope rating then you can use the following formula to find the course handicap.

            (Handicap index × Slope Rating) / 113

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Step 1 (Going to the Range)

  • To make your strokes better you should practice more frequently to chase a good range.


Step 2 (Choosing the Right Equipment)

  • If your equipment has some loose fittings then fit it properly and if you want to learn professional golfing then choose a good brand for buying equipment.

Step 3 (Challenge Yourself)

  • To increase your handicap from an average golf handicap to a good golf handicap challenge yourself and enhance your performance gradually.




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