How to Size Golf Clubs?

Wondering what size golf clubs you should choose? Or, do you feel your golf clubs are too long or too short? Here is the thing...

Golf Players are always benefited from using custom-fit golf clubs.  Golf is a game of physics. Every swing is different. and every body is different. So do not think 1 club fits all. We have seen players who are 6'3 who have no need to resize their clubs while others who are 5'10 need to resize. There is a lot to look at when getting a perfect fit. 


When it comes down to it - GO GET PROFESSIONALLY FITTED.   

PGA Superstore has a great process and you can even set up an appointment here. Also it is always fun to hit bombs on a simulator. It is like Mario golf but in real life. 





While we recommend you getting fitted let's talk gauges. 

Standard gauge for Golf clubs

The standard dimension for a steel iron, used by a male is around 39.5 inches. This standard measurement will increase 1/2 in. for every consecutive range in an iron. For an instance the customary length for steel to a pair of iron is thirty-nine inches; a three iron is 38. 5 inches; a four iron is thirty-eight inches so on to the steel nine iron with the quality length of 35.5 inches. A similar is true for carbon golf irons which having the quality length for one iron measures forty inches, a five iron is thirty-eight inches and a nine iron is thirty-six inches.

This gauging for women's irons is one in. which is less for each steel and carbon irons, as iron is 38.5 inches and a carbon one iron is thirty-nine inches.


The standard length for steel and carbon wedges for men is thirty-five and thirty-five1/2 inches, severally; the quality length for steel and carbon wedges for ladies is thirty-four and thirty-four 1/2 inches, respectively.

Drivers will be extended up to forty-eight inches, that is because of the most length for clubs allowed by the principles of Golf. Specifically, there is no regular length for a driver, most are sold-out between forty-five and forty-six inches. 

This extra addition of length coming from drivers will boost clubhead speed and distance, though this additional length makes it hard to manage the clubhead, and a middle face hit has the foremost influence on distance. Club fitters suggest players hit the longest driver that they will manage.

For adding distance to your club, the best way is to play with a club that suits your swing. Each player has their standing position to hit the ball so for that, the length of the shaft had to fit the individual swing.

The principal distinction between women and juniors’ clubs is their length. Ladies' golfers have golf clubs that are usually one inch shorter than that of the junior’s golfers. Following Pine Meadow Golf women golfers have clubs that usually range between 33 to 44 for the putter to drivers.


How to size golf clubs for Juniors? 

Juniors ‘golfers’ clubs are according to their age and height. Following All Kids Golf Clubs, junior golfers have clubs that generally range from 20.5 inches to 41 inches from putter to drivers.

According to Golf Monthly recommendation there is a rough chart for selecting a Gulf Club having height in mind.

Height in (Feet/Inches)       Club Length Adjustment

6ft 9″ – 7ft 0″

Add about 2″ to Standard Length

6ft 6″ – 6ft 9″ 

Add about 1 1/2″ to Standard Length


6ft 3″ – 6ft 6″

Add about 1″ to Standard Length


6ft 0″ – 6ft 3″ 

Add about 1/2″ to Standard Length


5ft 9″ – 6ft 0″ 

Standard Length


5ft 6″ – 5ft 9″ 

Subtract about 1/2″ from Standard Length


5ft 3″ – 5ft 6″ 

Subtract about 1″ from Standard Length


5ft 0″ – 5ft 3″ 

Subtract about 1 1/2″ from Standard Length


4ft 9″ – 5ft 0″

Subtract about 2″ from Standard Length


Also be sure to check out the awesome people over at  McGolf Custom Clubs (youtube) for their full video.


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